orius.tech implements the project Hybrid gas sensor module – an SR&ED idea validation

Project description

1. Problems solved by the project

One of the Education, Science and Sports Ministry of Republic of Lithuania advacement vehicle No. 12-001-01-02-01 issues is the lack of abilities and incentives to prepare international SR&ED proposals. The project will contribute to solving this issue. Subject expert consultations and other services will be acquired, which in turn will help to prepare an application and acquire the needed knowledge for the application preparation for the Horizons Europe programme "EIC Accelerator" call second phase (the long proposal) for the development of an interdisciplinary project.

EIC vehicle "EIC Accelerator" call second phase proposal will ask for €2.5M grant for the project "Microscale integrated hybrid gas sensing module" implementation. The full project budget is estimated to be up to €3.5M, with €1M contributed by private investors. The project goal is to achieve TRL 8 for the miniatiure gas sensing modules with exclusive technical characteristics, small price and ability to detect, monitor and analyse low concentrations of gases and gas mixtures in air. Product miniatiurisation, low price and exclusive technical characteristics combo is achievable in a hybrid chip by integrating micromechanical and microoptical components. The hybrid gas sensor will ensure safety in mining jobs, control of atmospheric pollutants, school classroom and living premises ventilation quality and the monitoring of gas emissions related to climate change.

2. Project goal

To prepare for the submission of the second phase application for the Horizon Europe programme "EIC Accelerator".

3. Project activities

Preparation of the application for the Horizon Europe call "EIC Accelerator".

4.Project subactivities

Consultation services for innovations: acquisition of consultative services for the validation of the technology and business plan preparation from subject experts.

5. Project results

A prepared application for the second phase call in the Horizon Europe programme "EIC Accelerator.

Financed by European Union NextGenerationEU. Project is financed by the economy revival and resilience building plan "New generation Lithuania" funds.