The Orius sensor -
A Breakthrough In Precision Sensing

Improves cross-selectivity
Unprecedented gas detection range
High redundancy and reliability

About Orius Technology

The ORIUS gas sensing modules represent the forefront of technological advancement in the field of environmental monitoring. These modules are meticulously engineered to accurately identify low to moderate concentrations of essential gases within complex mixtures.


The Synergy of MEMS and NDIR for Unmatched Cross-Selectivity

Our hybrid gas sensing approach employs an unparalleled integration of MEMS and NDIR techniques within highly compact, affordable, and user-friendly gas sensing modules. This merging of two distinct methods yields unparalleled cross-selectivity among similar gases, such as CO₂ and SO₂, CO and CO₂, NO and NO₂, C₂H₆ and C₂H₄, and more.


Infrared & Gravimetric Sensing Combined

The amalgamation of infrared and gravimetric detection principles within a single device extends the range of detectable gases, encompassing those with well-defined infrared absorption spectra to the more substantial organic molecules and particulate matter.

Our products guarantee reliability and exceptional performance, providing real-time measurements alongside in-situ calibration for relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. Whether intended for personal or public safety, environmental preservation, or scientific investigation, ORIUS stands at the vanguard of pioneering sensing solutions. Delve deeper to uncover how ORIUS can become your dependable ally in attaining precise and responsive gas sensing capabilities.

2014 - PRESENT

Development Timeline

Pioneering advances in gas sensing technology

Establishing the foundations for resonant gravimetric sensing
Advancing sensitivity for greenhouse gas sensing
Innovations in CO Detection
Enhancements in Mixed Gas Sensing
Reviewing Selective Ultrasonic Gravimetric Sensors
Enhancements in Mixed Gas Sensing
Inkjet-printed functionalization of sensors
New Patent and Selective Gravimetric CO Sensing

ORIUS scientists receive two "European Sails 2023" awards

NEWS scientists were presented with the prestigious "European Sails 2023" award during the "ES+U" international conference hosted on 28th of November, 2023 at the Litexpo exhibition and conference center in Vilnius.

On the initiative of the Finance Ministry of Lithuania, the "European Sails 2023" event is organized for the fifteenth time to honor people and organizations for projects and initiatives that improve Lithuania's innovation potential, business environments and livelihoods of Lithuanian individuals and different communities in the context of the whole European Union. The event attracted a record-breaking number of participants this year - more than 130 projects were presented for evaluation by a select committee and popular vote. team members, Kaunas University of Technology scientists Prof. Dr. Darius Viržonis and Dr. Mindaugas Dzikaras were awarded in the category of "Investments to Innovations in Business" for the work they have done on designing, developing and researching the CMUT-based gas sensors and biosensors. This research laid the foundation for the technology and the scientists now form the core team of

Additionally, the scientists received a special award for the popular vote of news portal readership.

Prof. dr. Darius Viržonis and dr. Mindaugas Dzikaras thanked their research colleagues, families and the University for support in carrying out the successful research and presented intention to bring the technology to fruition in the form of a final product and produce valuable solutions.

ORIUS vykdo projektą „Hibridinis dujų jutiklio modulis“ – MTEP idėjos tikrinimas“

Projekto metu bus parengta paraiška pagal Europos horizonto programos kvietimą EIC Accelerator. Paraiškoje bus numatytas miniatiūrinių dujų jutiklių modulių, pasižyminčių išskirtinėmis techninėmis savybėmis, vystymas. Šie moduliai bus skirti žemos koncentracijos, ore esančių dujų bei jų mišinių aptikimui, stebėsenai ir analizei.

Daugiau informacijos pateikiama čia.

ORIUS is implementing the project "Hybrid gas sensing module" – validation of an SR&ED idea"

A proposal for the European Horizons programme "EIC Accelerator" call will be prepared during this project. The proposal application will describe the development of miniatiure gas sensing modules, which have exclusive characteristics. These modules will be designed for the detection monitoring and analysis of low concentration gases and their mictures found in air.

More information is available here.


Our Team

Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Mindaugas Dzikaras
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Gailius
Electronics Specialist
Product Lead
Dr. Donatas
Dr. Darius
Chief Scientific Officer
MEMS Specialist
Dr. Marius Mikolajūnas
Microfabrication Engineer